Core 300 2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

Living like Jesus is the central goal of many women and men–and the many emerging young disciples. But LEADING like Jesus–whether you lead a household, a small group, coach a little league team, or oversee a global ministry–takes a purposeful study into understanding his ways, including both his virtues and values that undergirded his thinking and actions during the brief 3-year span of ministry.

Christ’s post-resurrection conversations and revelations point toward who we must be as the Ekklesia–the called out ones we now call the Church. As we exalt Jesus in his present place of high honor–with thanksgiving and worship–we must remain compelled to DO what he says to complete the calling for which he says produces the fruit that proves our faith and which satisfy our purpose in his sight. Verily, if this activity of doing is not evident, scripture gives us little hope of salvation. Even there, he lives as our Priest–inviting us to sit with him NOW in Heaven and learn to lead and serve as his appointed and empowered Kingdom Ambassador, and one who overcomes by the Blood of the Lamb and our life-lived-out testimony.

This year, I’ve seen many more saints join us as partners that “do” with us–by praying, giving, advising, and actively teaming with us. It is so rewarding for me as more men and women see the critiical breakthrough nature of how our coursework, processes, and implementation are slowly bringing the TransforNation of Kenya into focus. Jesus’ serving-first leadership was anything but weak–but always dependant upon our Father in Heaven. In each of his 3 year if ministry, servanthood and a willing, selfless sacrifice remained central.
My heartfelt thanks goes out to any and all of our 250 volunteers and financial partners that give wings to God’s Spirit as he powerfully transforms an additional 10,000 or more lives each year. I believe the root reason for this movement is that wait on God until he moves, Our US team and Kenyan Team meetings, always leave an empty chair at the head of the table for the Holy Spirit, honoring and inviting him to take a seat as our CEO.
Our men and women on the ground are people of immeasurable sacrifice and love for those they serve. In addition, as I have the privilege of interacting with our East African lead team each day via the web, I have found each man and woman I work with to be worthy of my full trust–as they have proven over and over.
A key requirement of each of our 32,000 African graduates of our 3-year curricula is it mandates that our leaders set the tone of open confession–mistakes, sins of commission, and omission–through our good days and tough ones.  And therein is the secret sauce that frees God Spirit to fan into flame this movement among tribal people worldwide. As Christ’s light shines into the broken shards and shadows of our lives, it is Christ who remains on the pedestal worthy of our worship–not the talents, appearances, and personalities of men.

The year 2020 and 2021 mark a shift of focus and messaging for Core 300. You will see it on our new website and in our seasonal Newsletters. We believe that the greatest 2 enemies humanity faces today is neither COVID, Islam, or the environment. In reviewing our confidential Wives Surveys–including data from over 400 wives of their husband graduates, the reality  of their feedback confirms the TRUE story–and unmasks the Dark mechanisms of Satan as the ruler if this World.

Tribalism is the perpetrator and perpetuator of the Father Wound, which afflicts Billions of human hearts and minds of suffering people who make other people suffer on this planet.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers,  — Malachi 4:5-6

Thank you again for your support. Please consider praying for and giving to our upcoming August 25th trip to Kenya–we are still in need of $15,000 to cover the expenses for 28 days of training and coaching among our African team members.

So Others May Live!
Art Hobba, President Core 300

Core 300 International is a California 501c3 Training and Development non-profit organization in good standing with the Federal and State Governments.

Board of Directors, Core 300 International

   Arthur Hobba – Founder, Director, and Chairman

   Wycliffe Mudavadi – Director

   Vincent Mugun – Director

   Steve Stebbins – Director and Treasurer

   Al Sutcavage – Director and Secretary

Advisory Board, Core 300

   Steve Abarta – Board Member Emeritus and Co-founder, Core 300

   Anthony Barton – US Business Leader and African Entrepreneur

   Dr. Glenn Burris – President Emeritus of Foursquare International

   Stan Gerlach – Acting Development Director, Core 300

   Dr. Jack Hayford – President Emeritus of Foursquare International, Pastor, mentor, and spiritual father to Art Hobba

   Ray Caldwell – Management and Marketing Advisor

   Rev. Wes Harding – Board Member Emeritus

Board of Directors, Principle Based Leadership (PBL), East Africa

PBL is an independent legal, Kenyan no-profit teaching association established by Core 300 in 2014 to operate the growing leaders and movement of the Holy Spirit among men and their families in Kenya. However, we operate in a close spirit of trust and unity and our US/Kenyan operations communicate daily in a fruitful Father-Son-like partnership. Approximately 80-85% of the income of Core 300 is directed towards PBL, but they are willingly leaning into a future of self-sustainability, which was 40% per the end of 2020.

   Alex Achuti – Director, and Co-Founder

   Rose Andange – Director, and Team Leader, Government Affairs

   Art Hobba – Founder, Director, and Chairman

   Barack Nyongesa – Director, Co-Founder, and Lead Coordinator of Holistic Helps

   Wycliffe Mudavadi – Director and Treasurer

   Vincent Mugun –  Director and Co-Chairman, Executive Director of Principle Based Leadership (Core 300 EA)

   Augustine Wesonga – Director, Lead Coordinator of Motor Wings and Jigger Clinics


  The Integrity of Field Data Acquisition, Reporting, and Research

Early into our movements arrival in Kenya, we established a culture of excellence regarding financial best practices and accountability, Field data (results/outcomes) gathering and reporting formats–and more recently–research and metrics to disclose the quality and “shelf-life” of the transformed lives of the men we were training.

In 2019, one of our international Board Members created and implemented the Wives’ Survey tool to confidentially record the graduates’ wife’s observations and opinions regarding the changes in her husband since he graduated from the Warrior Course. We also created one for those men who had completed both the Warrior and Priest. The 5 Rater Statements and 2-page summary report can be downloaded here.

Our Team on the ground began conducting Confidential Wives Surveys of Men who had graduated from the Warrior and the Priest Course (Figure 1) as well as those whose husbands had just completed the Warrior course a few months earlier.  Five rater statements were formed to capture the key virtues of a man’s behavior in his Culture–and ones that were, in large regard almost non-existent in most African men today.

The wives of the more mature cohort ranked their husband–when averaging rater scores together–found as either”Improved” or “Much Improved”  95.5% over their state of behavior p[prior to taking the first Warrior course.

Although the tendencies recorded for both groups of wives were the same, the scores on the recent graduates were, on average, about 5-15% lower than the men who had been walking in their new life–with the freedoms and principles of the Holy Spirit and both courses for some years.


2013 to 2020 Impact Statistical Summary


For the last 8 years, the modest financial support raised by Core 300 of a little more than $500,000 (85% of which went directly to this mission), the above results were literally impossible to achieve by any stretch of the imagination. Though all of us gave thebst of our sweet equity and labor to this effort, none of the US or African team members were prepared by education or international missions experience to contribute a significant level of talent. Pause and consider with us what we know to be true: The only explanation of the string of successes and logic defying opportunities placed before us is that this is a sovereign movement of God. All of the glory for any accomplishments or good fortune must therefore be given to God alone. For” it is in Him that we live and move, and have our being” –Acts 17:28

Economic ROI

Although it is impossible to measure the amount of gross wealth that has been generated through the efforts of our mission, in consideration of the testimonials of business successes and agricultural yield increases reported to be between 200-800%–and rising–there is clearly a very real and practical economic accelerator that was ignited into our constituents. Equipped with a transformed and entrepreneurial mind and the breakthrough farming knowledge conveyed to 16,000 men–applying an overall rise in work-ethic in 94% of the Wives’ Surveys, our efforts applied in situ have given these 24,000 men who are non incarcerates–and their respondent families, we have attempted to gauge a number in US Dollars of how much wealth has been generated that would not have been there if God had not brought us. Using the average household incomes of both Kenya and Uganda, our estimate of the return on investment for these 16,000 holistically trained head of households close to 1,000,000 USD

Spiritual “Capital” invested into East Africa by godly men and women of prayer and action, there has been a 200% capital gain earned by our beneficiaries–and re-invested into their farms, businesses, children’s health and education!

Though many more things have been and are being done by the Holy Spirit that cannot be put into a spreadsheet, the multigenerational impact among some 200,000 children today–in such a short time–and the fruits of goodness, hard work, and hope they will bear into the generations has awakened the power of prosperity fueled by the release of the Kingdom’s righteousness, peace, and joy to the once barren lands and hearts of Kenya-Uganda.

Finally, the evidence of our Wives Surveys and the Ministry Impact numbers—the marriages that have been healed, and the ex-cons who will not be returning the Hells of the penitentiary are staggering. For our founder–whose calling was to follow the Father in Heaven and serve the cause of the fatherless–and those who have labored by his side with the one Spirit of God, the greatest reward is in the healing of the father-wound in all that come close–and the prospect of generations still not yet born, who will not suffer it deadly rejection, abuse, and deserts of unwantedness.

Thank You–for all who have prayed and fasted–and for all who have given. If we shall be known by our fruit, then rich indeed are we all.

 Art Hobba, Chairman and President, Core 300 International

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