Welcome To Principle Based Leadership (PBL)

PBL (dba Core 300) is a California-based international global, Spirit-led 501c3 non-profit Leadership Training and Development organization that reveals a man’s true identity through a unique, experiential immersion process that transforms the lives of men, their families, and communities.

About 8 out of 10 men in the world today live in tribal cultures which skew masculine roles towards pride, violence, and misogyny. Fatherlessness is often pandemic as well, leaving lifelong father-wounds in their wake only to be revisited upon the next generation. Regretfully, most of the Western attempts to sustainably engage these men as followers of Jesus are short-term–or it fails completely.

Our Method

Each man begins his awakening by enlisting in The Warrior course. There they learn the ancient story of Gideon–an isolated, poor tribal farmer. He toiled–like so many men today–in an occupation in which he was failing. As a husband, and father, he could not protect his family from fierce Sand-Pirates–Bedouin tent-dwellers–who ravaged sedentary tribes throughout the Middle East in 11th Century BC. Like locusts, they would time their attack to steal hard-earned harvests and livestock, year after year.
As a million Midianites made camp a mile from the borders of the tribe of Manasseh, Gideon’s village was braced for an 8th consecutive year of looting. Gideon was alone, hiding in the winepress, sifting the final gleanings of his wheat harvest. Unseen, a tall stranger waited in the shadow under an oak tree in Ophrah, leaning on his staff, watching Gideon’s bent over, back-breaking work. From the shadows he called out to Gideon, hailing him as a “Mighty Warrior!
And they talked together, the strangers’ words of hope and courage flowed from his mouth into Gideon’s being. He could feel them resonating deep in his chest as each word was translated into divine courage–and a new faith-filled his heart. Gideon believed. He knew he would offer his right arm–and his life to this Being who had invited him into a battle to destroy every Midiantite on Earth. “We together, my son, will utterly destroy them!”
Gideon sealed the deal with an outrageous sacrifice, and suddenly, just as this being of power accepted it, he was transfigured before Gideon’s eyes into the awful brilliant person of Jahweh–the Lord God Almighty!
After completing the 12-week course, the graduate will move into The Priest course, and finally, they will complete The King course–and exit a leader-maker, empowered into his unique divine purpose like Jesus!

Metrics – Men Transforming their Family 

Between 2019 and 2020, our wives of our Board members conducted 366 confidential Wives’ Surveys on the behavioral changes of the men who had graduated from the Warrior course. Results dramatically indicate that the behavioral changes in all 5 of the “Best Husbands” parameters–including:

  • Cessation of Wife beating –99%

  • Helping his wife around the home with labors — better/much better 94.6

  • Loving and playing with his children –better/much better  93.8%

  • Treating his wife with tenderness–better/much better 90.2%

  • Working hard and providing more for the family –better/much better = 93.2

Our African Afliates

In October of 2012  a leadership team from Core 300 International were invited to fly to Kenya and lead a 3-day Warrior Leadership Conference in Bungoma, Kenya. Arriving the following August, they saw an unexpected, miraculous awakening change come upon 610 leaders who attended. Since then, and thanks to our generous grantors, we have seen a movement arise to propagate a message of hope and inspiration–preparing and calling men to return to responsibility in their homes and provide for, protect, and nurture their wiv and children transform 32,000 leaders in Kenyan and Uganda. And survey data shows that this profound change permeates their family, economy, and their community of faith.

”I predict that the magnitude of spiritual growth, and the quality of life improvement we are seeing, indicates that if we continue on expanding, the men and their families–and future followers–will socially, economically, and spiritually transform the entire culture of Kenya”

      –Bishop Vincent Mugun, Executive Director,                                            Principle Based Leadership, Kenya

Borstal Boys Prison (right) began 2020 with 390 boys sentenced to 3 years for committing crimes from stealing a chicken to murder. After 10 months of Warrior course taught by their Chaplains, it was almost emptied–down to 48 inmates after the parole Board released 342 prisoners for transformative behavioral & attitude changes!


“From before the times of antiquity, men of virtue have been awakened and inspired to drive back invasive Darkness as courage, love, and perseverance arise to take back the ground stolen by corruption, oppression, and poverty. NOW is such a time again!” 

– Art Hobba, Founder and President, Principal Based Leadership

By 2016, middle school boys burned down and destroyed 184 middle schools across the nation because they had no hope to move on to High School–while most girls were admitted. Now High Schools and public universities are being destroyed for the same reason boys and teenage males have dropped out of their schools–and later, either refused to marry or once married, abandoned their families. 

“7 out of 10 Kenyan families are now led by a single mom, the highest rate in the world. It is all because our government has failed the male child for 2 decades. And now he has grown up” — A Chief Welfare Officer, Youth & Gender Affairs, Kenyan County

A Crisis of Identity – For the last 16 years, the Kenyan government has accepted restricted grants totaling many hundreds of millions of US dollars which excluded all Kenyan males from practically every form of government support, humanitarian services, education, and welfare.

The price of this crisis in Kenya is the ever-increasing social disintegration of the family and the onset of mayhem and chaos. It has reached a critical boiling point due to male discrimination and a massive school exodus of boys.

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