Art Hobba

Art Hobba is the Founder and President of Core 300, a California-registered 501c3 non-profit corporation, and Principle Based Leadership, a Kenya-based NGO Training, and Humanitarian organization. His calling was clarified by a vivid, life-changing dream in 1978 where Father-God invited him to follow Him as a “father to the fatherless.” Since that time he followed a zig-zag pathway that included both business and pastoral ministry–and ultimately to found Core 300 in 2010.

Mr. Hobba background includes nation-leading sales performances, Sales and marketing management, and management consulting services including Human Capital Management, leadership and executive coaching. He is certified in three assessment tools called the TriCoreTM. and has been effective in raising the bar through implementing hiring systems for sales and leadership talent acquisition in dozens of corporate Clients in the Mid-sized to Fortune space.

Since 2017, his sole focus has been to bring his 3-semesters of transformative training system and Holistic aid to developing nations. His belief that men are the key to either great evil or great good has proven transformative results and has helped some 40,000 men who have experienced the Warrior course. The Core 300 movement is expanding today by over 10,000 new graduates each year through a cohort of 200 indigenous certified Coordinators and 60 Kenyan Prison Chaplains.  Since 2019 the Kenyan management team has conducted 400 confidential Wives Surveys of their husbands’ behavioral changes since the completion of the Warrior course. Survey results consistently show a 95.5% average “Improved” and “Much Improved” ratings for behavioral changes at home—including fatherhood engagement, provision, and marriage enrichment.

Rev. Hobba has written and published 5 books on men (Called to War, The Warrior, The Priest, and The King and as an expert contributor to the book “How to Disciple Men.”. A compelling speaker that awakens audiences to effect change for good, he holds degrees in Biology (CSUN) and in Pastoral Theology at Life Pacific University.

Art enjoys swimming, spearfishing, bodyboarding, and highly a handicapped golf game. He lives in Westlake Village, California, with his best friend, advisor, and wife of 25 years, Sharon. They enjoy the desert, travel, walking, and their five grown sons, and three grandkids