Christian Leaders

18,000 ministers have followed in Gideon’s steps to freedom

Above – In 2018, 245 VIP’s–Bishops and Senior Pastors meet in Nairobi and are transformed at a 3-day Warrior Conference

August 12, 2013 – Without a plan or any missions experience, a team of 4 Californians from Core 300 (a US-based leadership development movement for Christian men) who had never been to Africa--responded to a mysterious call to come to the Bush of Western Kenya to teach the Warrior Course to Bishops, Pastors and Seminary Students. 611 men showed up for the 4-day event. 30% of them came to Jesus for the first time!

Prior to the team leaving for Kenya, a stern, prophetic dream–given to the Team Leader–was recorded, transcribed to paper, and unfolded from the leaders Bible as he stepped up to the Pulpit to begin. A sea of proud, yet expectant faces made up of Catholic and Anglican Priests, Lutheran Ministers, Baptists and Pentecostal Pastors, turned towards the speaker as he read God’s affirming rebuke–calling everyman to repent for their corporate, tribal abuse of our Jesus’ sheep.

Slowly, each man collapsed to their knees–many to lay prostrate–as penitent wails joined the eerie sound of men sobbing rose from the dirt floor to Heaven. Our Father heard their heart-rending cries of sincere sorrow, and in that sacred moment, the healing transformation of Kenya began.

“In all of my years of ministry, I have never had a course grip my heart and transform my mind as a follower of  Jesus.  The joy of watching 1000s of ministers go through their own miraculous transformation is impossible to describe! “

— Bishop Vincent Mugun, 59,  Core 300 Executive Director, Kenya-Uganda


These men tell of experiences they all share in Common:

  • The breaking of the invisible, demonic cord to the spirit of Tribalism
  • Healing of their their “Father-Wound”
  • Installation of holy masculinity
  • A cleansing and reboot of their conscience–and the banishment of shame
  • New HOPE to guide them into their purpose under God  

Today, our indigenous-led operation has multiplied through 190 certified “Coordinators,” who have conducted over 1,000 Church Leader conferences–beginning with The Warrior (1), then The Priest (2), and finally, The King (3) courses. Their stories of telling us of their personal transformation–not just as ministers, but, more so, as loving husbands and awakened fathers–whose hearts have turned towards their unseen children, and changed the tribal paradigm of sloth into hard workers. 

“When our research revealed–to our surprise–that only 5% of ministers in Kenya owned a Bible in their own language. I determined right then that we would never train a man–pastor, employee, or inmate–with our biblical material unless he had his own Bible at his side”        — Art Hobba, Core 300

              Right, every Core 300 student receives their own–and often first–Swahili Bible

Training the Coordinators using the model of Jesus with the 12 . . .

Our Coordinators were called out by God into this sacrificial role. For 3-4 days each month they will travel to a remote village, town, or one of our 31 Training Centers across a Region 1/2 the size of Texas. With them are audio/visual equipment, Swahili Bibles, and Field Manuals. 

  1. 40% of our costs come from donor and foundation funds to provide both the Course Field Manual, and a Bible in Swahili for each attendee. 
  2. Average conference size is  40, and they pay their own way.
  3. Led by 2 Coordinators–and typically lasts 2-3 days
  4. Most of the attendees will sleep right there in the church auditorium                                                                                                                                             Picture (left) shows Founder-Author Art Hobba unveiling the Priest course at our Annual Leadership Summit in 2018

The Troika (left) is a sacred group of 3 men. They stay together for the whole course, breaking the habit of male isolation and learn mutual trust in confession–growing into freedom through authentic, supportive friendship.

The Big Day

A few months later all gather again for a Graduation Celebration and are awarded Certificates of Completion by the Coordinator or Board Member, with families present. It is a BIG Day!