Farms For Life

PBLs Farms for Life course follows the prerequisite Warrior and Priest courses. After these values-based leadership courses, the man is awakened, and has been freed from lethargy, and the chains of fear that kept him from challenging the old Cultural Code. They have found their purpose in protecting and providing for their family. They watch their yield rise every harvest and a farm that is being healed from its previous barren soils. For most, abject poverty is over. . .

Over 90% of all farms in Sub-Saharan Africa are classified as “smallholder” farms. Typically they range in size between 1/2 to 8 acres in Kenya and Uganda. The USAID and UKAID humanitarian aid, the National Farm Bureau and Western NGO’s rarely see or help this level of poor farmers where over 80% of the population lives.
RESULTS: As of the end of 2022
  • 15,942 men were trained in Modern Organic Farming techniques
  • 7,000 of these men were inmates–and over 80% yearned for release to go home to succeed as farmers
  • During subsequent visits we teach them how to make their own fertilizer
  • After one year (2-3 harvests) the average crop yield increased by 1.5X their previous year
  • After year two, crop yields increased between 2-4X
  • After years three to five, Yields increased 3-6X  BUT 3 of our leaders are seeing between 15X – 18x in 8 years! The delta crop yield is between  25-40 X in 15 years
  • Abject Poverty is over. Children’s school fees are paid, national health insurance premiums are paid, and their Farm to Market dream begins to unfold.
  • They invest in livestock and start related agribusinesses.
  • About $12 million in community wealth has been generated from PBLs FFL initiatives and this number doubles every two years.

Our team of 140 Pastor-Coordinators use our Farms for Life process for their family farms and are seeing miraculous increases.

They also train men in our Farms for Life course in their district. As they come back to teach The Priest and The King coursework, they also continue to expand the learning curve of some 16,000 men who have found hope, farm security, and dignity as breadwinners and feeders of their wives and children.

Proof of Concept – 2 Faith-filled US Donors invested in us for our first pilot project in early 2021. Using our FFL Process, we leased 3 acres, plus seed, fertilizer, tools, labor, and transportation, and it has which has already returned 6X increase in revenue in 3 years!

Will you lend a shoulder to their plow today? They need seeds, tools, and a good Mule to plow and harvest their land.  Please join us in their noble quest to self-fund this non-profit in the future

Join us in raising another $15,000 by leasing another 20 acres this Winter 2024 by giving