3 Ways To Give

Partner with Us Financially

The saying goes, “Your money or your life!“–yet each dollar you earn, or steward as an investor IS a timecard converted to money each working day. You can give back and build up your treasures in Heaven with a monthly commitment of $30, $100, or more where your spiritual assets never depreciate or get diluted by inflation! We are incredibly humbled and grateful when anyone Partners with us with a piece of their life and heart. You GO with US by giving and fueling the powerful engine our mission is bringing to tribal communities.



Become a Cyber Ninja

Like connecting with others on the Web via social sites? Want to be in the epicenter of where this movement is blowing up? For many online is a habit. Cyber Ninjas like to use the Web for Good: protect kids, rescue addicts, stop spousal abuse, stop suicides, lift the poor from poverty, and heal the family. Do that with us for 2 HOURS per week. That’s it!

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Be a First Responder Team (FRT)

You are needed! This Team is our “Go-To” support for our GO’ERS–and DO’ERS in Africa — like our 160 Field Coordinators in Kenya and Uganda and their families, and our Leaders here who raise capital and carry out the mission in the USA .  Wanna be near the center of God’s will? Choose to get involved NOW. Use your own gifts and design your own role

  • Serve at their local church, team, or company and make and help us get sponsored
  • Encourage our PBL Board–and field Coordinators when under stress or crisis
  • Recruit volunteers to join you –or tell a friend or neighbor about what you are doing
  • Help arrange for resources for a Coordinator family hit by an emergency flood, fire, debilitating sickness, or loss of a parent or orphaned children
  • Help serve at or catalyze a local event

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