Continued from Core 300. . .

There was a day when I began to give up hope in my God. My small church and my family were in a cycle towards dying of starvation and I knew it. The fields were yielding less and less crops where we had nothing left to sell and our food was running out. I was weak–eating a handful of cornmeal every 2 days somemy children and wife could have it one time each day.

Then these two men came to us on a motorcycle from Kenya to do a pastors conference. When they began teaching about Gideon and him being a poor staring farmer too my hope was made alive. I too–and the other pastors who came–felt like we tapped into God’s power as weak mighty warriors! The next day we came back to learn something new on how to farm and we brought our wives. When we learned of composting from what we already had, we all had hope of a new tomorrow. A few of the women got up and ran home to begin.

The first season’s crop came in and it was more than to feed us. Then the next was two times of that. 1 year later it grown to four times as many! All of us were happy and fed fully and these men came back to teach us how to go to the market for money, and we did.

Now it has doubled again! My children now have books tuition and new uniforms since I could pay their fees for the first time. They are happy. Even have a boy and girl in high school now with bigger fees now being paid. We have learned to go to market with our extra harvest to sell, and are planting different vegetables now from corn. And we have purchased back our livestock who are bearing young, which gives us more manure! All of the 14 families in my church are now doing the same and all are happy praising God for sending us these men!’

Can you help us? We are preparing to launch into a full effort in Uganda sometime in 2023. Can you help us continue this work and prepare our team to move into Uganda and begin what we did in Kenya? Please help us with monthly support.