Holistic Helps

Ever since Jesus went out of his way to heal and encourage people who were outcasts, lepers, in prison, or demonized, his followers have been inspired to give practical aid to the under-served peoples around the globe. And there are many that never hit the radar of many humanitarian missions or NGO’s.

In 2017 Pastor Barack, one of our Leading Coordinators–and the top tier of our most effective trainers, was pierced in his heart by God’s Spirit to go beyond training ministers with the transformative Warrior message.  He saw dozens of unseen children, struck down by Jiggers–in pain and unable to go to school. He saw men get arrested for stealing a chicken to feed his family because his small-holder farm was not yielding produce anymore) –only to get thrown into prison and never heard from again. He saw hungry people on awful diets bereft of nutrition, so he and a few of our Coordinators began doing something about these injustices. Soon we were folding in three new holistic ministries to address the unmet needs of those suffering under Heaven


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