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Hot, moist weather combined with deep poverty and unavailable healthcare incubates the frequent killers of Malaria, Cholera, Dysentery from polluted water, and Yellow Fever.

But a lesser-known, but even more painful, disabling, and longer lasting, are the plague of Jigger parasites. . .and they hunt for the soft skin of children ages 6 months-9 years to bite, eat their way in, and lay their eggs. By the ten’s of billions, this parasite crawls through the Bush country throughout much of Sub-Saharan Africa. Barely visible, They seek their host in the dirt and dust–on the moist walls of the mud-brick homes, and at their schools.

“I lay awake thinking about the 8 year-old girl named Anna who called out to us at the edge of a primitive village near Mt. Elgon right after our first Jigger clinic. But we had used all of our medicine and had to turn scores of children away. Seeing her there broke my heart.

Anna had bent, crippled legs as she lay helpless on the ground–feet oozing with painful sores preventing her from walking. This deformity and the healing of her hands and feet, could be cured with  a mere $3 of medicine, but we had no more.”    

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         Pastor Barack Nyongesa, PBL Director-Coordinator

2.4 million Kenyan Children

As you read this, 2.4 million children* in Kenya alone are like Anna was then. Their bodies have been invaded by a carnivorous parasitic flea called a Jigger, and it bites into the soft, thin flesh of a child [or an elderly man or woman], to lay 100’s of eggs. Soon their larvae hatch and burrow into the fleshy parts of their feet and fingers.  It is not uncommon to have 30-40 individual Jigger “nests” incubating in a child’s body at one time.

 It hurts 24/7

They can’t go to school, feed themselves, or tend to their personal hygiene. Sleep is replaced with night sweats and whimpered cries.  They live a primitive life without clean water, electricity, or sanitation. Most have never even seen a doctor.

Once the Jigger parasite invades it’s host child, or an ambulatory elderly, symptoms start, including severe inflammation, ulceration, and a fiery heat with itching. If untreated it could lead to tetanus, gangrene, and even the loss of limbs.
– ACE Africa**

The Genesis of Holistic Missions

Beginning in winter of 2017, our Kenyan PBL Pastor-coordinators decided to integrate “holistic” missions into their training travels. Loaded up with razors, chemicals and salve, Also in tow was 3 commercial spray cans and organic pesticides to spray each affected home and each school. They arrived at several rural villages last year to train pastors, their wives, and primary school teachers by demonstration and coaching, how to cure this pestilence with their own villagers.



As far as we are aware, no government, outside NGO, or Christian relief organization has ever gone into the villages–“the Bush” where these ailing children and elderly lay about on the ground. Often considered cursed, after we arrive and cure these victims, their villages calls them Blessed of God! This is a growing catastrophe due to lack of will and funding, and an easy to cure and prevent disease. We can do it together! How wonderful would that be!” – Art Hobba, Founder, PBL


     YOU can join us in the Bush! Give or raise the funds at your church, club, or small group and catalyze the healing of many more children at these clinics.

We will buy and bring the medicines . . . and we can train the pastors, Nuns, and primary school teachers alongside us to administer the cure. We’ll be the hands-on healers–and you can bring the whole clinic to them that brings the cure! Over the past 36 months, over 4,400 of these children in Western Kenya were rescued, healed, and back in school or playing with friends in their village. Their homes and schools were sprayed by PBL volunteers, and the Jiggers were destroyed.

                                                GIVE TODAY 

Will you sacrifice $15 to cure 3? how about every month to cure 36/year? $75 cures 15 kids. $500 heals 100. Join with us as God’s hands of mercy today.

You get to send us out as healers and we bring your healing hands and feet in the spirit with us–and the food, the medicine, and shoes . . .

Anna, left front, is joined by her sister Mary and little 2-year-old brother, Sam. The girls show off their new school dress and healed feet.