Principle Based Leadership (PBL) is a registered Kenyan non-profit training and holistic aid Association that began as an idea founded upon creating a values-based culture that embraces, expands, and multiplies goodness, integrity, courage, and sacrificial love for others.

Created by Art Hobba, writer, businessman, and teacher from the USA who calls Kenya his second home. The 3-semester curricula he created endows inspiriation, knowledge, and understanding into the hearts of men. Many program graduates have stepped into a level of responsible freedom that naturally reproduces itself in others.

The Premise – change had to begin with Men

Tribal men–husbands, landowners, and fathers–are the patriarchal perpetuators and perpetrators of the cultural code passed down and enforced by men through 10s of thousands of years. Women are diminished, at best, to secondary citizens, and at worst, slaves. They are often beaten by their husbands [which is encouraged and accepted by the code]–and given the hardest work and the heaviest loads to bear. In addition, they are responsible for 100% of all child-rearing duties. They do not have a voice for change, nor do the children, so it was the only way to determine if a level of transformation might be achieved by working with the man first. In addition, this “experiment” looked to the men in key leadership positions, which in East Africa is clearly the nearly one million Christian ministers (80% of the population of Kenya and Uganda are practicing Christians), governmental leaders, Tribal Chiefs, and City Elders dispersed throughout the nation
Based on ancient stories and texts from Aesop’s Fables and the biblical books of Wisdom developed both Greek and Hebrew peoples into civilized and benevolent societies, PBL’s 3 stage leadership development model, along with its unique experiential process and framework, give an individual the ability to lead others through teaching, courageous interaction, sacrificial service, and love, What has emerged is both a new example to follow, and an upright role model for mature male leadership behavior.

Evidence-based Results

The results of our program and philosophy have been measured through:

1. Over 500 Confidential Wives’ Surveys have been

                                                            conducted randomly with wives whose husbands had                                                                            completed:

  • One course (the Warrior)

  • Two courses (Warrior and Priest),

  • All three courses (King)

Ongoing evidence of the survey data continues to be collected, but indicators thus far confirm the many testimonials gathered over the years from the students, their wives, and other family members; The vast majority of these men, versus the way they were before the courses, were changed from the inside out between 88%-99%, and said percentages increased from Warrior only gads to after all 3 courses were completed.

A Spiritual transformation pierces the veil into the physical realm by exponentially increased crop harvests and prosperity . . .

From Pastor Domo Namono, Uganda —
“Before the Warrior course–and the training from these men from Kenya, Most families were near starving. I personally was eating one small portion of Ugali every 2 days so my wife and children could have one portion each day. But the story of a very poor farmer named Gideon replaced my despair with new hope, and faith to move forward again. The next day as the PBL showed us how to mulch weeds and stubble–and add in animal manure, we all were filled with hope to change our lives. The first season my  . . .more

Leadership Team

Principle Based Leadership is a Bungoma-based, Kenyan non-profit Association dedicated to Training and Development in good standing with the Kenyan Government. All Board Members are active in daily responsibility for planning, budgeting and executing the several aspects of services provided by PBL to Kenya and Uganda.

Board of Directors

Rev. Alex Achuti – Director, and Co-Founder of the PBL movement with Barack, Alex is a skilled counselor, pastor, and savvy entrepreneur–adding to our skillset as men frequently have to rebuild their lives–especially as Ex-cons. As a skilled personal coach, he has mentored and even sponsored some of our young men into successful business start-ups. As one of our most animated and effective teachers, he and Barack went out–just the 2 of them–to many West-Kenyan and East-Ugandan rural locations putting on the first 100 of our Warrior Conferences for pastors and church leaders, establishing this ministry as potent, transformative, and trustworthy. He gives in Bungoma with his wife Joy, son, daughter and two grandchildren
Mdm. Rose Andange – Director, and Team Leader of Government Affairs – Semi-retired today, Rose has worked in Nairobi in central government positions of upper management for the last 3 decades. Thus she has deep connections and experience navigating the halls of bureaucracy within Kenya’s highest offices–opening doors and providing access to our senior leaders to develop partnerships and pilot programs in Bungoma County and elsewhere. Rose lives with her husband Frank and their adult son training for a career in service
Art Hobba – President, Founder, and Chairman of PBL,  Art has a unique blend of for-profit and non-profit leadership experience and perspectives. He was a church planter and senior pastor for 14 years. He also has 2 years of experience serving in executive roles for several companies including 2 public technology companies and a global accounting firm. He founded Transcende in 2001, where he integrated Psycho-sociology and cultural transformation into a unique consulting and coaching firm serving mid-market to Fortune 500 companies. Hobba wrote the popular men’s book “Called to War“, boot-camp-style curricula, and The Warrior, The Priest, and The King. Art and his wife Sharon have 5 grown sons together, two grandsons, and two granddaughters. They live in Southern California, USA
Rev. Wycliffe Mudavadi – Director, and Treasurer. Graduating with a Building Science major, he spent the first 15 years as anr architect and designer, working for the Kenyan government and later as a private practitioner. Married to Juliet, they have 8 beautiful children, where she mentors leaders wives when not managing a busy home. Wycliffe is highly gifted with numbers and data, he has been an instrumental addition to the Board leadership at PBL
Bishop Vincent Mugun, Executive Director, is married to Teresa, and they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren together. Vincent leads the overall operations for PBL in East Africa. His experience with PBL first came during a three-day pastor’s conference in his hometown of Mt. Elgon, Kenya.  With 5 other West-Kenyan Board Members, he oversees our mangement team which supervises 160 certified PBL Trainer-Coordinators spread over 4 of Kenya’s 9 Regions. He also manages the rollout, ofour Prison rehabilitation partnership with the Kenyan government for all 109 prisons in Kenya, In addition to these responsibilities, he is the Founding Bishop of 19 churches–with each pastor serving under him for a season, where he continues to advise and provide oversight as needed.
Barack Nyongesa – Director, Co-Founder, and Lead Coordinator of all Holistic Helps ministries, is a farming expert that has brought Holistic training to 15,000 men over the last 6 years. In 2016 he felt a voice inside him tell him to begin curing the children who he and most men had been ignoring for decades. Since he launched our first Jiggers Clinic, over 8,500 have been cured, Soon, Healthcare and Nutrition training initiatives followed. From 2013-2015, he and Alex went out–just the 2 of them–to many locations-putting on the first 150 of our Warrior Conferences for pastors and church leaders, establishing this ministry as potently reproductive, transformative, and trustworthy in the Western Region of Kenya and Eastern Uganda. Barack is a farmer and associate pastor at the local church he and his wife Mercy, and their 6 children attend together.
Rev. Jacob Sudi – serves as Director and Secretary. He has been very effective at finding men and developing into Coordinators and currently leads p to 3 of our 10-man  Cluster Groups of Coordinators in the Mount Elgon region. He and his wife Grace founded and serve their growing local church
Augustine Wesonga – Director, Lead Coordinator of Motor Wings and Jigger Clinics, he has a keen business mind and feels that his greatest privilege is to kneel before and cure children and the elderly of rancid Jigger infestations. He serves a local church with his wife Edna, and they have 6 children together

Advisory Board, PBL

Anthony Barton – has been a close friend of our Founder and to PBL. His passion for awakening and developing men is only exceeded by his gift for connecting like-hearted, action-oriented people together for the purpose of loving and bettering the human condition worldwide. Anthony Founded and led The A Specialists, selling the company in 2018, a founded Safe Kitchens soon thereafter. He and his family share a deep passion and calling to Africa. He lives in Agoura with his wife, Yolanda and they have 3 children together.
Stanley Gerlach – Has served the marginalized on boards like Union Rescue Mission for over 2 decades, and has traveled on numerous extended mission trips to developing nations to train and serve indigenous leaders alongside international relief organizations. Known in the Los Angeles area as a leader of integrity and generosity. With three decades of success in commercial real estate, “Stan” is Senior Vice President at CBRE. He lives with his wife Linda in Malibu, California