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Our MotorWings motor pool consists of Seven Honda 125’s donated by Core 300 USA. We also use of local busses for longer trips. However wonderful it is to experience the miraculous movement of God, the tripling of our ministry growth in the last 24 months has been exceeded only by the geography we must cover.

“With 7 Honda’s and our rain gear, we can go anywhere to serve pastors, prisoners, and kids with Jigger plague and carry our supplies–God bless you who have given us Wings to do our work!” — PBL Director Barack Nyongesa

In early 2020 we expanded our field operations overseen by 7 Cluster Leaders to 11, but that means each leader now must oversee 15 of our 160 active Pastor-Coordinators.

In 2022, we need to add a 14 passenger HiAce minivan and 2 more Hondas to serve the rising number of 35 conferences each month and continue our Holistic ministries and clinics.

 The River of opportunity to shape a nation is overflowing–and the spiritual, social, and economic harvest fields are ripe with expectation and hope

We have 160 trained pastor-coordinators, and 7 Managing Board Directors ready to lead a Jiggers clinic, teach a course, manage a team meeting, or demonstrate crop multiplication.
More than ever, continuous growth has mandated that our MotorWings Motorcycle ministry “take wings” through the raising of funds to increase the scope and safety of our operations.  Moving our holistic and training teams–plus the safety of transporting equipment, supplies, tents, educational materials, seed & fertilizer, and medical supplies, has forced us to rent  Vans for weeks at a time. Now we need our first 12- passenger and off-road hauling Van. The Hi-ACE Diesel Toyota MiniVan is the most popular and reliable vehicle in Kenya and we can purchase a used one with modest miles for about $23,000 
Toyota HiACE Van is great on dirt and paved roads
A recent near-deadly accident involving one of our Cluster Leaders and his wife, Pastor Moses and Elizabeth Mutoro, nearly ended in their death when they were stuck on the main highway following a training session. Moses was teaching a class of Warrior graduates in the Priest course. Six young children almost lost their Mom and Dad in a flash. He sustained serious head injuries and broken bones, Unfortunately, the doctors could not save his left hand. Elizabeth, after emerging from a 14-day coma, learned that her leg was barely saved by the skill of the staff surgeons and the favor of many prayers. She will not be able to walk unaided for 12 months. One new MotorWings Honda 125 equipped with 2 helmets, 2 on-bike luggage bags, and 2 full suits of rain gear is just $1,500
Help us help them. 
The Honda 125 driven by the couple was destroyed in the crash and must be replaced quickly for one Bike multiplies the reach of each Board member by 300%. 
Above -This Prison  Warrior trainng course required hauling over 320 textbooks and an orange for each inmate—attended by  2 PBL Coordinators and 2 prison Chaplains.
Below – 110 children gather for a Jiggers clinic. Many of these kids could not walk without great pain. As a mobile and mostly virtual organization, PBL Coordinators choose to go to the sick and hungry in hard-to-get-to places—where others will not go. Our team of 5 Coordinators and 4 volunteers all helped us cure them all.





1/5 of a Bike


1/2 of a Bike