In the Beatitudes, Jesus taught us that a person is “known” (and justly measured) by their FRUIT (Matt 7:16). However, the fruit that the New Testament refers to here, and in many other passages, as FAITH-based qualitative, not quantitative esteem. Like the Fruit of the Spirit, and other attributes like integrity, godly values, loyalty to God, and making sure your “yes” means “yes,” [even when it hurts to deliver on a promise or committment].

“After 40 years of pastoral ministry, it has become my full conviction that God does not count Believers–He weighs them.” – Dr. Jerry Cook

The reality is, For-profit and Non-Profit enterprises are judged successful or not by the numbers. US Supporters are becoming better Stewards of God’s money and that is much preferred over giving towards a feeling, a picture of a sick baby or caged 3-legged dog!

Stewardship of the funds you give is the same to us as putting God’s money to use. That means wise investment with high long-term yields. We also live by6 actors:

1. We do our best to align with God’s view by taking the LONG View. We serve at our best if we hold time, quality, and sustainability in tension–not letting any go–in such a way that through repeatable processes, the transformation is continuously improved sustainably paving ahead 3 generations into the future.

Essentially, we have decided not to be causal agents, but diligent Father-God-loving, and beloved-by-Him slaves . . . no more, no less.  So far seems far better and easier to let loose God’s Word and His unquenchable Spirit, than to give your strength to man’s well-tread be-littered and ineffective pathways forged by generations of well-meaning plans that lead minimal results.

2. We always work to develop the indigenous Believers on the ground, and it is their skill sets, taught and practiced “in the field” that is producing quality and sustainable transformation in men and their families. If they can’t do it and own it, then we feel we are wasting your and our resources.

3. We pray, think, and move strategically with one eye on today, and another on following God as He Transforms a Nation, with Kenya (2013) and the USA (2019) as our Pilots. See our 3-Headed Spear.

4. We are aggressively and intentionally focused on expanding the presence of our Father’s Kingdom wherever we go.

5. We believe God prefers to use the few over the many–the 1 over the 99, and the 300 over the 32,000 (see Gideon’s Warriors). A plethora of examples can be found in Scripture, but His Ways are always higher than ours, and we get excited when God does something that defies belief, right?

Download our Complete US and East African ministry chart

So although we measure progress and employ best practice-based efficiency whenever possible,  our work lies at our Holy Spirit’s feet, releasing Him to open doors and get us there as and when He pleases. So far He is moving far faster than any of us could have imagined, and at minimal investment cost that boggles the mind! 

“The Core 300 training caused me to see my wife for the first time. Jesus took away my rage against her and women, and a desire grew in me to serve and protect her. I repented of making her my slave and she is a happy lady now.”        

– Rev. Wycliffe Modavadi,  Director-Volunteer PBL 

However, as we are a measuring, grading world, and because ministry organizations are led by human leaders–sons of Adam–it is good to see that good things are being done, and not just talking, Fundraiser Flyers, and in Newsletters.

In our “Results” Spreadsheet above right, our results numbers are sometimes hard to believe–especially when considering what the Holy Spirit has been able to do in 5 years (Africa) and 10 years overall. Our income this year was just short of $100,000, so I hope you can see our Father’s fingerprints here, yes?

Nothing “sticks” in East Africa unless it is fully owned and operated by an indigenous man or woman. We know that we must continue on–this is no “one-(take a picture)–and done” missions trip. Jesus lived with the 12 before they were ready enough to stumble into leadership at the helm of an about-to-be-birthed Church. Discipling these pastors, government workers, and inmates–takes all of our love and patience–armed up with an incredibly potent, 3-year curricula, and a functioning mentoring [“Timothy”] system is the Rx to catalyzing authentic TransforNation to Kenya.