The Father-Wound

The Silent Destroyer: The Pandemic of the Father-Woundedness

Today, the world is slowly yielding to what is a silent pandemic of father-deprivation in more and more single-mom households. Symptoms of this do not often rear their heads until a decade or two later.  Rest assured its debilitating internal psychological trauma,–often called the father-wound by psychologists–is evident in most national news reports worldwide.

  • Wherever you see violence, corruption, power-lust, immorality, vendetta, or rebellion against parents,  you are witnessing the fruits of father-woundedness.

  • It is the writer’s opinion that this wound–if unhealed by the intervention of another older man, is the chief contributor to most of the evil recorded in history.

  • The spirit of rejection invades a child’s psyche by the age of 5 or younger.* seeds future rage, mental illness, and self-loathing in its victims. Most will grow into angry victimizers of other innocents

  • Throughout Judeo-Christian written creed, the command and obligation upon society have been to heal and protect the fatherless, homeless, prisoners, sick, and the abject poor. All God’s children are called to feel and respond to the pain of billions of broken hearts

The most unsettling yet unseen danger to civilization are the increases in single-mom households from 28% to 70% in the last 5 years--where there is no stabilizing, protecting, providing, or present father insight.

NGOs – Doing Good for Evil

In the last 60 years, NGOs and western governments have providentially supposed they could fix fatherlessness–and has tried to do so in a variety of ways. Yet any results gained by just throwing money and well-meaning social workers at this social pandemic has been outweighed by dramatically worsening the situation.

In the US, the gift of 750 million dollars was under the Obama administration was mostly squandered when large sums disappeared from the hands of were stolen by regional and innercity ministers, politicians, and social workers.

In Kenya, just before stepping down from office, Obama’s State Department released a sum of 250 million USD grant to the recently formed Cabinet office of Gender Affairs. This time, all of the money had to be directly spent on girls, girls teens, and women–at the exclusion of any human male.

Core 300’s efforts to apply Scripture-based and Spirit-inspired solutions to bring emotional and spiritual transformation into a man’s life through its 3-year Curricula has accidentally become the Divine prescription that heals the father-wound and establishes a new and improved identity in a man’s soul; The entry of the “Spirit of Adoption” into a man’s heart.

A spiritually awakened and transformed man can bring transformation into his family and beyond, for in a short 8 years, almost 200,000 children have had their father-wound healed and their own father’s heart and time turned towards them.

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