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Mastering Servant Leadership

The Warrior established that you are now overcoming in most of your invisible battles in a locked-shield community of your Troika. The Priest Course (Year 2) consists of 12 weeks of the transformational training of man into a servant leader* in relation to his wife, his kids, grandkids, workplace, worship, and community.

Materials we’ll be using:


The Priest Field Manual – Like the Warrior Field Manual, this workbook will help with notetaking and post-class Core Conditioning reading and exercises all through the Course

These two 20th Century classics bring paradigm-changing insights to your journey into “the Priesthood” as a Christ-empowered, authoritative catalyst for the invasion of the Kingdom of God into the World around you, beginning with your home.

Course Pursuits

This course calls out and installs the leadership skills needed in the five dimensions of Manhood:


  • The Devoted Priest – This is the study of the Old and New Testament Priesthoods in Scripture and other texts as men were called to pursue a holy separation from the World, devoted to Yahweh in the quiet times and active engagement culminating in Jesus our High Priest in the Book of Hebrews

  • The Husbanding Priest * – Long ago, the Husbandman was the lead Farmer, an expert on his soil, weather changes, the crops, and the threats to the harvest. Here we find the man…the husband in his most difficult and inspiring role 

  • The Fathering Priest – Gaining the skills and “presence” to be the best Dad or Grandad ever, and expanding beyond that, to have your heart broken and awakened for the Fatherless are the two experiences each man will take with him into his future

  • The Servant Leader– grow into a servant-influencer–leading by example, and elevating those around you at work and as you in minister to others