Impact: Wives’ Surveys

Anyone who finds the path that breaks tribalism in the African man’s heart and mind will have found the “Holy Grail” to transforming the Sub-Saharan “Dark Continent” into a place of hope and progress”                                                                                                                                                                                  — Paul Larsen, Director, Cheetah Development.
After hearing and reading 100’s of positive testimonials for 6 years, we developed a simple before-and-after
Likert Scale behavioral assessment instrument that included 5 rater statements with which to judge the outcomes and impacts of our men’s training programs.
Our proctored and Confidential Wives’ Survey allows us to capture, in-situ, an in-home appraisal of specific changes in the graduate after he returns to his home environment. The random nature of wife/mother’s scores provide the qualitative data we need to both measure the effectiveness of our program as well his change impact upon the family. .
The first of 5 statements went directly to the most egregious and common of tribaly accepted offenses: Wife Beating or Gender-based Violence (GBV)

Our 5 Rater Scale Options

5- Much better than before   4–Better than before   3- About the same as before   2- Somewhat worse than before   1–Much worse than before

Two categories of wives was captured:

1. The first assessment Cohort, was the post-certificate behavioral changes reported by the wife from before he completed the Warrior and the Priest Course and today.                                                                     

2. The second Cohort category was from the men that competed the Warrior course only

NOTE: The sample of men whose wives were surveyed had completed the course between 2-6 years prior to the survey, and also completed course two, the Priest course. Therefore the results not only expressed the quality and sustainability of both courses, but it also raised these follow-up questions:

Download The Wives’ Survey report