Men are the same--from professionals and ministers, to inmates and ex-cons, the PBL program awakens, redeems, and equips their future purpose at home and at work

Our Holistic solutions trains parents and teens in marriage and parenting skills, 21st Century farming, nutrition, and disease prevention

Maximum Security Criminals are being Equipped as servant leaders and responsible husbands, fathers, and providers

Kenyan Inmates and Guards treasure their Swahili Warrior Field Manual where they learn to be "Free on the Inside" -- given to every student

At Borstal Juvie Prison holds between 300-390 criminals ages 12-17 each year. After finishing in the Warrior Course, 315 were deemed rehabilitated, and returned to their homes

Principle Based Leadership (PBL) is a California based, 501c3 global men’s and family development non-profit organization. History has shown–and our data has confirmed–that the man is the rudder upon which the family, and hence society as a whole, turns. If he is evil, immature and self-centered–and, as often is the case, the victim of a “father-wound” as a boy, his harmful actions perpetuate outward to each family members and the local community.

75% of the worlds population lives under the cloud of tribal system that is often counterproductive to human rights and loving development. If he can be weaponized as a noble force for good, his influence– first in his family–will lift all boats around him.

Our evidence-based programs measures the impact upon families through anonymous wives’ surveys, which indicate better to much better behavioral change in graduates of 95% versus how they behaved before.

As centuries of history and generational social studies have proven, his good (or rotten) values and character traits will echo into future generations.

Principle Based Leadership’s purpose is to intervene into destructive cultural codes, and inhumane values by respectfully training and developing men to be responsible servant- leaders of their households in developing nations through our three semesters of men’s leadership curricula [The Warrior–The Priest–The King] and our unique process, which includes mentoring, prison reform and rehabilitation, and Holistic humanitarian aid. 

The power of over 40,000 graduates–and counting–cannot be overestimated, as they have immense influence within all tribal cultures of the world.

Calling Dads home and Mentoring the Fatherless

Since 2004,  the controlled and exclusive funding of grants to Kenya totaling close to 750 million dollars to women and girls by Western NGO’s and governments has broken the back of masculine identity at every age level. This punitive exclusion of all males over the age of 3 in many nations in the developing world has had tragic consequences, including:

1. Boys have been burning down 1000’s of middle and high schools out of pent up anger at being gender-excluded

2. 1.31 million of children have dropped out of school

3. Many 1000s of high schools and middle school Teachers striking in protest. The average dropout grade is the 5th. Young men refuse to marry in this world, fathers and husbands have abandoned their families leaving 70% of households without a man. Suicides and mass murder-suicides have multiplied 100 fold in the last 6 years. Society is in a tailspin unless men can be recovered, supported, and returned home. 

“Young men in commit suicide 5X as often as young women do. Men above 65 years take their life 10X as often as females. The single biggest predictor of suicide for boys is a lack of father involvement between the ages of birth to 18.” 

                                — Dr. Warren Farrell, Psychologist and NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Boy Crisis”

KENYAN Corrections Partnership with PBLPrincipal Based Leadership

The novel experiment for rehabilitating Kenya’s prison population is succeeding . . .

In September 2017, after reviewing 19 applicant organizations, the government of Kenya outsourced rehabilitation, training, and development services to Principle Based Leadership to provide for 55,000 inmates, 12,000 guards, and employees of their Ministry of Prison Services in all of their 109 men’s and juvenile boys prisons.

NEW Ministry Launch!


SIMBA Ventures

PBL’s new SIMBA Ventures ministry is designed to create job skills, employments and wealth for households and communities. In order to build a Sustainable Model, PBL looks to their talent pool of mature Coordinators–all gtraduates of PBL’s School of Leadership. This new initiative has been successfully piloted since 2017 by our 2 experienced Business/Farming Coaches Alex Achuti, and Barack Nyongesa, who will lead this initiative.

Our first round of investments by a businessman in the US is off tio a gsolid start with 10 $100 grants being awarded to 9 vetted Coordinators and 1 widow of a Coordinator killed in a motorcycle accident in 2019.  A second grant has been donated by a California business led by 2 Christian men who are passionate to bring the entrepreneurial sprit to this developing country. Soon, 20 Indigenous entrepreneur-experts from Kenya and the US prepare and walk alongside each business to coach, pray with, and encourage them towards success

Transforming the Core Values of men in the East Africa

Our polls show—and worldwide, prison populations confirm (men v. female), that about 85% of the all of the evil, destruction, poverty, and suffering has historically been initiated, sustained—even monetized–by men. We believe that Satan’s strategy for the last 6,000 years has been to weaponize men has his Avatar—to destroy all that is good and noble and terrorize the weak. Yet, we resource the victims instead of helping men into their best life. Men are the most unseen and neglected demographic on Earth. Core 300 is changing this today and Kenya as our prototype. How? We have learned how to weaponize men for good.